Data merge for bulk setting business cards

Use Data Merge in CorelDraw for bulk ID Card, PVC Card, Business card in seconds

Learn how to use one of the most powerful features bulk data merge in CorelDraw has, Data Merge, to create huge number of business cards, PVC Cards, ID Cards and Certificates in just a few seconds. 

What is CorelDRAW?

Coral Draw is the most used software in India to design print and graphic solutions. CoralDraw is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Coral Corporation. Bitmap-Image Editor This is the name of the Coral Graphics Suite, which includes programs related to Coral Photo-Paint and other graphics. Coral Draw is designed for editing two-dimensional images, such as logos and posters, and is available for Windows and MacOS. for more details visit Corel Draw official website

Why Data Merging?

Use data merge in Coral Draw is one of the most widely used tool for huge amount of data handling today especially graphic designer. Because a corporate company will have a lot of staff or thousands of people will have to attend in a function. If supply ID Cards / Business cards to everyone, makes a unique ID card for each person with deferent name and ID number is very difficult. It will eat more time and experts. But it will be very easy if we use data merge tool.

We compared CorelDRAW’s print merger with Adobe Indesign data merger

  • CorelDRAW 2,47 X faster than Adobe designing.
  • Process CorelDRAW X4 ( Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0.4)
  •  Print merger / data merger process takes 60 seconds 155 s
  • PDF work 20 seconds 43 sec
  • Total time for print ready PDF file is 80 seconds 198 seconds
  • Save the file after merging for 20 seconds to 43 seconds
  • Save the file after merging (without saving) for 2 seconds 64 seconds
  • Total time for native file archiving is 102 seconds 503 s
  • Native file size Merged file 4.38 MB 72.7 MB
  • PDF file size 578 kb 352 kb
  • Variable data 7020 (38 per page)
  • No additional options Disable additional options “Create overset text report

How to use Data merge in CorelDraw in Seconds

Take a look Video tutorial for use data merge in CorelDraw.

Step 1: Open New Document

Step 2: Create a Layout

mfost id card layout

Step 3: Open Microsoft Excel Sheet

Store all data that include ID number, Name etc. (if applicable). make the first row as heading the data. Save it on CSV format

Step 4: Open CorelDraw Layout

  • Goto file in the top menu and choose print merge > Create or Load Print merge

Use Data merge in CorelDraw

From the Dialogue box / Popup window, Choose text from a file or an CCBC data space and Press Next button

  • Choose file (radio button) path and select saved file which you saved in CSV.

  • Press Next > Next and finish

Choose appropriate column in suitable place and press Insert print & merge field

  • Finally Press Merge to the new document

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